It’s a book birthday as To Win Her Heart releases today! This second installment of the Within the Castle Gates series is different from the first book…and yet the same as both explore what it means to live life as a Child of the King.

First, let’s recap. Stepping Into the Light, book one of the series, was set in the medieval Scottish Highlands and featured two scarred and overlooked individuals who discovered what it meant to step into the light, embrace their true identities, and use their leadership gifts in the face of evil. Both had an inheritance but weren’t living in the reality of what that meant for their futures.

To Win Her Heart is set over three hundred years later, in 1750 during the Georgian era, along the rugged Cornwall coast of England. The hero has recently inherited his father’s title…and the burden of leadership responsibilities hampered by financial troubles. The fact he’s younger than other peers of the realm causes doubt about his competency, while the fact he’s not as wealthy or titled as other young men makes him the underdog when it comes to courting a bride. Should he stand by his principles or follow the lead of the influential men in the region?

Our heroine on the other hand is a penniless orphan living with relatives and relegated to the fringes of the drawing room by her bejeweled and dowried cousins. With no prospects for her future, she spends her days serving without reward…and her nights dreaming of a castle by the sea. The fact her father grew up in the same household seems to matter little in the grand scheme of things. 

Until everything changes.

A deathbed promise puts one man at odds with the desire of his heart while one woman’s duty to family may cost her everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Without spoiling the story, suffice it to say the characters will learn how an inheritance changes everything.

Moira had left her birthright behind out of fear. Both Emma and Evan believed the lies that they had nothing of worth. And Grayson was tempted to give it all away. But the truth was that as children of the True King, they all had a greater inheritance and purpose than they ever could have imagined. And when they embraced the truth, amazing things happened.

The same is true of all believers. Our Heavenly Father has adopted us and made us “joint heirs” with his Son. And beyond the rewards of a family relationship, heirs have an inheritance. 

Except how many of us have let others steal that promise? How often do we believe the lies that we aren’t worthy? That the blessings are for others? That we don’t serve a purpose or can’t make a difference?

I set out to write the Within the Castle Gates series as a personal reminder that I am a daughter of the King. Which makes me a “princess” who should be living in a “castle” every day. But not a castle of pampered privilege, but rather a fortress of refuge that serves  and protects a community.

Only by embracing my true identity can I step into the light of God’s purpose and let Him use me to impact the world.

What about you? Are you a Child of the King? Are you living in that truth or believing a lie? How would your life change if you were truly an heir of the Kingdom?

To Win Her Heart – Exploring Life as a Child of the King