My Facebook and Instagram feeds are blooming with hints of Spring from other parts of the country…and then I look out my window and wish it was also Springtime in the Rockies. Except here in Colorado, I can’t help but recall the number of Easter Sundays when we’ve worn winter coats over frilly dresses and the kids hunted eggs in the snow. Even in April.

However, even if the weather outside will take its own sweet time catching up with the calendar, that doesn’t change the fact I’m looking forward to Spring. So instead of looking outdoors for emerging flower blooms and leaf buds, I’m searching for other signs of life and growth.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • A few buds on the Christmas cactus (as if it doesn’t know what season it is either!)
  • A dozen books with my name on the cover.
  • One month until Sing a New Song releases.
  • Kind reviews for my dabble into historical romance.
  • Other reviews from readers whose hearts were touched and encouraged by the various messages in my novels.
  • An active and excited core group in my review team.
  • Another triple digit sales month from my indie titles.
  • Relationships with other local writers as we help each other grow in craft, marketing, and general “don’t give up” encouragement.
  • Dust-free and organized bookshelves and closet in my office.
  • The scale…and the waistband of my clothes…and my energy level.
  • Pages of written scripture and truths that have sunk in deep.
  • An actual emergency fund in the bank rather than always holding on and scraping by until the next paycheck.
  • Long hair on several heads in our household, meaning I should pick up the clippers and scissors for a few overdue trims.
  • The college boy turned 21 and needed a new driver’s license.
  • And I can now look my youngest son in the eye…as if the high-water status of his pant legs wasn’t evidence enough that he hit another growth spurt.
  • The college boy turned 21 and needed a new driver’s license

Whew. That’s a lot of personal, physical, and professional growth. Now if only my crocus and daffodil bulbs would bloom…and not get frozen in the process.

What about you? Has Spring arrived where you live? What sign of Spring is your favorite? What growth have you made over the Winter?

It’s Springtime in the Rockies (I Wish)
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