Gloria quirked a finely plucked eyebrow in Dani’s direction. “Try to keep up.”

And so we met the character that more than one reader hated and one reviewer wanted to “purse whomp.”

In Dance Over Me, Gloria Houghton stepped onto the stage as the resident star with the handsome boyfriend who somehow felt threatened by the newest actress to join the company…and stirred up trouble In an attempt to oust the newcomer. And then an unfortunate accident took Gloria out of the spotlight and she didn’t take kindly to life in the shadows.

In Focus On Love, Gloria is chafing on the sidelines and yearning for another starring role. Except her injured knee hasn’t recovered as quickly as she’d hoped and her boyfriend’s attention is wandering. With both her personal and professional life unsettled, she’s challenged by Liz’s declaration that there might be something more important than the spotlight.

Which leads her on a quest for another stage.

And now…Gloria has donned her lucky red sling-back heels and a blinged-out T-shirt. It’s showtime and she’s headed backstage at the Sherwood Theater to meet the rest of the singers in the brand new Rockin’ the Decades show about to debut in Branson Missouri.

Except this Carrie Underwood lookalike isn’t that fond of country music…and she’s about to meet her match. 

And a mop bucket.

If you like strong families, country music, and redeemed villains, then you’ll love this next chapter in The Wardrobe series. Sing a New Song releases next week. Reserve your copy today.

Sing a New Song – Meet Gloria Houghton