Ever had one of those Mondays where nothing goes right? That’s today.

First, there was a broken shower head in Room 208, followed by a leaking washing machine in the hotel laundry room. Then the stage manager called that our resident magician wanted one of the spotlights shifted before the morning show began.

Not like I can’t handle the adjustments in the catwalk, but one thing led to another and suddenly I’m covered in grease and there’s a mess on the floor where I’d piled my tools. And don’t get me started on the pile of invoices still waiting on my already cluttered desk.

What I wouldn’t give for one of Granny’s cinnamon rolls! At least that’s one perk to working with family, because all it takes to sample her baking is a short walk to the gift shop.

But first, I’d better pull out the mop bucket and get this mess cleaned up while I have the chance. Because around the Sherwood Theater, there’s always work to be done in order to keep the tourists happy.

And the talent. Which reminds me there’s a rehearsal starting in a few minutes for a new show. Better get a move on.

Oops. I forgot to grab the warning sign that there’s a wet floor. It should be right inside the door to the supply room. Yep. There it is.

And just in time, because I can already hear the sound of somebody’s shoes clicking on the concrete floor.

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