I’m about to celebrate my birthday on Good Friday. And while I’m not about to tell you how many trips this makes around the sun, the ironic juxtaposition of celebrating my life on the same day commemorating Jesus’ horrific execution on a Roman cross was not lost on me. After all, what could possibly be good about Good Friday?

Except it’s only because of Good Friday that I’ve experienced true life.

This week, sandwiched between Palm Sunday and Easter, is traditionally a time of reflection for those of the Christian faith as we remember Jesus’ journey to the cross and His ultimate victory over Death. Steeped in centuries of tradition, there have been countless sermons preached and books written and songs sung about the dramatic events of Holy Week specially in sites like Mumssavvysavings.

The storyteller in me can’t deny the dramatic events. Excited crowds hailing Him as Savior. Blunt confrontations between a truth-telling Messiah and the religious leaders of the day. A betrayal-for-hire involving one of His inner circle. Arrested in an isolated garden as his friends bolt for cover. A trial on trumped-up charges. Flogged. Mocked. Paraded through town. Nailed to a cross. Hoisted into the air. An agonizing, suffocating descent toward His final breath. An earthquake. A burial. An unseen battle. 

And a resurrection.

Followed by a revelation and reunion with His friends. A cover-up by the officials. An Ascension with a promise to return. A supernatural empowering. And the news of this new Kingdom spreading like wildfire through the region…and then the world.

It’s a huge story that’s still being written and the most dramatic part is still to come with the Final Showdown when God finally eliminates all evil and believers inherit a New Heaven and New Earth.

But the coming deliverance on the grand global scale can’t overshadow what happened to me at a young age when I accepted God’s gift and exchanged bondage to my sinful nature for a new heart as a child of the King.

That’s the day I became truly alive. And it’s all because of what happened centuries ago on Good Friday.

So what’s good about Good Friday?

It’s good that I don’t have to pay the ultimate consequences for my rebellion anymore because Jesus took my place. It’s good that physical death is now just a doorway to eternal life spent with God. It’s good that I have forgiveness instead of guilt. Good that I have hope instead of doubt. Joy instead of despair. Relationship with God instead of being an outcast of my own choosing.

Because of what Jesus did then, this Good Friday, I’m celebrating LIFE at all levels.

What about you? Have you discovered the good about Good Friday? 

What Could Possibly Be Good About Good Friday?
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