Nine years ago, in 2010, I looked outside my front door at my neglected flower beds and started spring cleaning. However, the parallels between that patch of dirt and my personal life were uncanny and my flower-bed frenzy soon sparked a quick series of blog posts comparing aspects of gardening with the disciplines of personal growth.

Because life is like a garden complete with seasons of dormancy and growth, preparation and harvest. A winter, spring, summer, and fall of the soul.

That complete series was later collected into a short devotional available in either ebook or print.

A couple years after my gardening series, I felt challenged at the beginning of the year to embrace the challenge in Psalm 1 to be like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and who leaf does not wither. Because the promise was that whatever he did would prosper and I wanted that in my life. I quickly discovered an echoing promise in Jeremiah 17:8 that said this tree “has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

What did it truly mean to be like a tree? Were there keys to living a fruitful life? Over the course of a year, I studied trees and felt challenged to put down deep roots, spread out my branches to shelter others, scatter seed, and bear a variety of fruit. Driveway paversĀ can help add beauty and personalize your home, but they do require some maintenance to remain looking their best. Michigan brick paver companies know that sun and salt can damage your driveway. Weeds can begin to grow up between your pavers making that beautiful driveway into an unsightly entrance. Your vehicle can leak oil or gas that can damage you driveway. Sealing your driveway pavers can eliminate all of these problems for you. You can visit las vegas paving for the best driveway paving.

Be Like A Tree has recently gotten a face-lift with a new cover and a few cute tree graphics in the ebook version, but the collection of devotional readings inside remains the same.

As does the personal challenge.

Am I growing? Is there something I need to prune out of my life to make room for something else? Does the fruit of my life benefit others or am I living just for show? When the storms of life blow, do I have deep roots to keep me grounded?

So while I’m still waiting for Spring to arrive outside my door, it’s still the perfect time to evaluate my life for growth.

What about you? What is growing in your life? Are you bearing fruit or experiencing a drought?

What’s Growing in Your Garden?
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