Every time a book launches, I find myself holding my breath and waiting for those first reviews to start trickling in. After all, I love my characters and can’t wait to share them with the world…but what if this latest book baby is the “ugly” one and only the strangers on the internet are brave enough to say it?

Knowing that Gloria Houghton was already an unpopular character in the Wardrobe series, I was especially worried about what readers have to say about Sing a New Song.

Then one reviewer said this: “In the previous books, I didn’t care for Gloria, AT ALL. She totally has me changing my mind in this beautifully written story.”

And then this: “First, Gloria begins this book as a totally unlikable heroine. The fun part is she doesn’t realize she’s the “villain” until she meets a castmate who acts exactly as she once did…Chapter by chapter, piece by piece, Gloria’s perfectly put-together mask is stripped away.”

Yes. Gloria struts onto the page as a pampered diva and readers recognized it. But they also saw her transformation and growth and embraced the deeper message.

Sing a New Song is “a story of love, forgiveness and redemption. A story of the importance of family.”

“Not every book makes it onto my five-star radar, but occasionally I read something that truly makes me think alongside the hero…A tenderly crafted story about the real magic behind the lights, about what is true instead of what we pretend to be, Sing a New Song is a story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.”

Whew. When it came down to what readers have to say about my latest book, I was relieved (and thrilled) to see the positive reactions. Which made these next two quotes a sweet treat to carry me through the writing of the next book.

“While I loved all three books in the series, Sing a New Song was hands down my favorite.”

“And if you don’t read this book for no other reason, you want to know Nick’s granny. She was just a hoot and so much fun to get to know.” (Me too! The quote-spouting Granny Rose was a blast to write.)

What about you? If you have read Sing a New Song, what did you think? Of the series, which heroine was your favorite? Why?

P. S. I’m already plotting a Christmas novella featuring the prodigal son Tyler Sherwood…and thanks to reader comments, will definitely make sure Granny makes another appearance.

Sing a New Song – What Readers Have to Say
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