The past month…make that months…have been crazy busy and cram-packed with all sorts of good stuff.

January brought the launch of the first book in my new castle series (Stepping Into the Light) along with a writer’s retreat with friends and the unexpected encounter with an elk!

February ushered in my husband’s new job and the overwhelming number of details to make that transition possible including his retirement paperwork and switching medical insurance companies. And getting him enrolled in a master’s program in order to apply for his provisional license out of state.

March brought the publication of the second book in the castle series, To Win Her Heart. However, with my parents traveling out of state (and country) for several weeks, rearranging my schedule to cover the chores at their hobby farm left me with a lot of fragmented time where I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped.

One quarter down and I was a bit behind my personal goals. No worries. I planned to hit the ground running hard in April.

Oh, but April had other plans in mind. Including my husband’s rocky adjustment to online college classes with a steep technological learning curve for me to help him through. And a series of illnesses that hit every single person in our household. Plus an edit for the day job that was due at the same time I needed to prepare for yet another book launch.

Can we say I was mostly treading water in April and simply trying to survive?

Then came May. Sing a New Song launched with a two-week blog tour. My oldest son graduated from college. I got to teach writing at the castle again. Add in end-of-school-year concerts, awards ceremonies, etc. and it’s been a whirlwind of activity.

All good stuff so no complaints here. But in order to survive the next stretch of 2019, I’m taking time to catch my breath. To recharge the internal batteries. To catch-up on all the little things that have fallen through the cracks. To dream again.

Yes, this might take time away from writing for a short season. But I’m honest enough to admit that trying to create while drained won’t get me very far. Not to mention, there’s a lot to be said about focus.

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be focused on resting. On reading. And on decluttering and deep-cleaning our house, not only for the resulting sense of peace, but also since there’s a good chance we might be moving closer to my husband’s job. (Packing will be stressful enough without also wading through the accumulated dust and junk.)

Once I’ve caught my breath, I’ll dive back into writing with two or three more projects on tap this year including a Christmas novella to round out the Wardrobe series. But before then, it’s time to rest.

What about you? When life gets overwhelming, do you give yourself permission to rest? What recharges you the most? What story or character would you like me to write next?

Taking Time to Catch My Breath
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