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When I started blogging in 2009, I wrote a lot about Life’s journey and the fact it was often filled with mountains, valleys, detours, foggy conditions, construction delays, and sometimes stretches of clear road. Whether it was living with a chronic illness, caring for a loved one with special needs, or pursuing a dream, I shared about my journey in order to inspire and encourage you on your journey.

Well, our family’s journey is being rerouted this summer. Call it the inevitable road construction that seems to crop up as soon as the weather changes for the better, but we’re in a season of transition.

Why? My husband’s new-but-temporary job acquired back in February that required a leap of faith turned permanent. So it’s time to cut his hour-long one way commute in half. Which means we’re moving.

It’s been awhile since we’ve moved and I’m already remembering why I hate this process! Never mind the challenge of finding the perfect new home that fits the budget, there’s also the hurdle of selling the existing home for enough to make the financial numbers work. And selling involves getting our well-lived-in home showroom ready…

All of which means my current schedule and to-do list is crammed with tasks like decluttering bookshelves and counters, deep cleaning baseboards and windows, cleaning or replacing stained carpets, and repairing all those little nagging things that I’d saved for a later day “when I have more time.”

Once we’re past this preparation stage, we’ll shift to the keep-the-house-pristine-at-all-times-in-case-there’s-a-showing stage. Which is a challenge in itself with a full household and several out of school for the summer so they’re hanging around all day.

Followed by the packing frenzy that involves scrounging dumpsters for more boxes, sorting out stuff to donate or discard instead of moving it, and the rest of the details like recruiting a group of will-work-for-pizza movers.

Did I mention we still need to find the right house, which may contain an updated kitchen tile, and make sure the closing dates are coordinated for the least amount of headaches possible? Once the mountain of boxes and furniture are moved to the new house, then comes the unpacking, rearranging, decorating, changing our address with a long list of people, and so on.

Of course, I have/had nothing else planned for this summer. Ha!

Having living with chronic fatigue syndrome for years…and having suffered through a bout of stress-induced shingles the last time we attempted to move…I’m trying to proactive to reduce the stress as much as possible for both my health and sanity’s sake.

That starts with hiring a true professional Realtor to shoulder most of the transaction headaches. Followed by recruiting my boys for house and handyman work. And getting ahead of the curve for the decluttering before packing so we’re not quite as pressured at the end.

But it also means putting several other things on auto-pilot until the dust settles. Starting with this blog and my other writing projects. In other words, I’m giving myself permission to truly focus on my family’s needs for this season.

Don’t worry. After this summer break, I’ll be back! And I can’t wait to share the next story I’m working on. In the meantime, enjoy your journey no matter the twists and turns it holds.

What about you? Are you in a period of road construction or a stretch of smooth highway? Have you ever needed to take a break from one thing in order to focus on something else for a season?

Transitions, Moving, and a Summer Break
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