As I write this, I’m still in my old, clean, but fairly-empty house. Still have a For Sale sign in the yard. Still vacating on short notice for showings. Still trying to balance a healthy family-of-five life with only four chairs around the dining room table and a missing couch. (Imagine a show home with lots of open space but no one actually lives like that!)

Still waiting for the call from our Realtor that we finally have an offer. Still praying for that right buyer and for the perfect home in the new town to still (or finally) be on the market. Still trying to distract our special needs Princess from the ongoing drama so her three-week-long case of anxiety-induced hives does not return.

As I write this, school has already started for the youngest and I’m craving my routines again. Actually any routine would do. Just give me a regular know-what-to-expect-so-I-can-plan-ahead routine. Please?

But I’m learning that’s where trust and faith come into play.

Back at the beginning of the summer when we knew this move was on the horizon, I cleared my writing schedule so I wouldn’t have to worry about a new project while juggling showings, mountains of boxes, logistics, and unpacking. So I didn’t have to put aside a story in the middle of the fast draft. I pre-scheduled a lot of social media so I could focus on the priorities.

And despite the hurry-up-and-wait of replacing flooring, extreme decluttering before listing for sale, and the following seemingly-endless weeks of keeping the house spotless for showings (still haven’t gotten to that boxes/logistics/unpacking phase), I also kept myself busy evaluating a dozen manuscripts plus editing another book all for my day job. Plus some recreational reading to refill the creative well that stress kept draining.

But now that summer vacation is over, I’m more than done with this living in limbo thing. It’s time to start working on that next book. Time to counteract the stress and hormones and too much fast food (since I couldn’t cook during a showing) with better nutrition and exercise again. And while we’re not taking that sign out of the yard, it’s time to be content where I am and trust God.

It reminds me of the time when I’d been writing for years, revising, critiquing, entering contests, pitching to editors and agents, submitting manuscripts, and still waiting for the “someday” I would finally get “The Call” about a publishing contract.

Waiting and trusting and hoping…and staying busy doing the next right thing.

But like being poised at the starting line, in the blocks, ready for the gun to fire and the race to begin…the best is yet to come. (Along with a new variety of chaos!)

So while still living in limbo, I keep hearing that small voice whisper “Be still and know that I am God.” He has a plan. He has a house for us. I won’t be in this season forever. That call will come and I’ll then be on a mission to find boxes instead of constant cleaning.

Wait. Wait. Wait… Now go.

And in the meantime, I’m snacking on carrot sticks, walking around the block, and putting ideas on paper again.

What about you? Are you waiting for something? What are you doing to stay busy while living in limbo? What are you learning in the season of waiting?

Living in Limbo Stinks
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One thought on “Living in Limbo Stinks

  • August 19, 2019 at 9:19 am

    I know what you mean about living in limbo. It’s funny how we want to be able to predict and control what is going to happen next. Especially as moms. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

    I pray that call will come soon Candee

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