Just over six months ago, I released Sing a New Song where I redeemed everyone’s favorite villain from the previous Wardrobe series books. But in the process, I uncovered a new “villain” whose story needed an ending.

Without getting too close to spoilers, let’s just say that one of the identical twin directors of Gloria’s new show, Tyler Sherwood, was known for his flirty eyebrow quirks, Elvis-like lip curl, and a constant need for attention. And that craving for the spotlight eventually led him away from his family.

Poor Tyler. Blinded by ambition and the whispered promises of a self-absorbed twit (Gloria’s other nemesis), he found himself in Vegas. Not to draw too close of a comparison to the Biblical prodigal son and the pig sty, but Tyler was far from home.

And then…

Well, you’ll have to read the rest of the story to find out.

The ebook version is available for pre-order now for just $.99 with the price going up when it releases in December in time for Christmas. (The print version will also be available then, just not for pre-order.)

The blurb:

Grace Mitchell’s dream of creating music derailed when she saw firsthand how fame could change a person. After choosing a more stable career, she’s content to build her future in backwoods Missouri until the reminder of her broken heart walks in the door of her father’s bait shop.

Tyler Sherwood left it all behind for a chance at the national spotlight, but a backstage revelation changed everything. Embarrassed to face his family after his failure, he retreats to a rustic cabin to regroup…and comes face to face with an intriguing young woman and an old guitar.

When sparks fly, will they leave her singing or singed? Can the message and the music reignite dormant dreams and bring him home for Christmas?

If you like prodigals, faith-filled romance, and country music, then you’ll love this final chapter from the Wardrobe series.

Home For Christmas ~ Tyler Gets His Story