I took this picture just a few days ago while on a writing retreat with a couple author friends.

Can you just feel the stories of people who lived within these walls?

Of course, this is a “new” castle with a history dating back to the late 1800s, but the setting certainly proved inspirational as I was finally able to make significant headway on the next book in my castle series. 

Wrangling a complicated plotline into shape around accurate research has been quite the challenge, but I get more excited about Finding Home with every detail that falls into place.

So, just for additional fun, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the setting for this latest work-in-progress: Muncaster Castle and the Esk Valley in the Lake District of northwest England.

I get very inspired by pictures since they help me step into the lives of my characters as the story unfolds…

(And yes, I realize there wouldn’t be a car, television antennae, or other modern elements at the castle back in 1803, but that’s what an imagination is for!)

When I was searching for the perfect location for this story idea to take place, I wanted somewhere with waterfalls and rugged terrain that was also close to a castle and the ocean. And after picking this specific valley, I learned even more about the history of the castle itself…which in turn provided fun facts to include in the unfolding storyline.

I just LOVE it when a story comes together! 

If only I could get the words onto the page faster. Sigh. But then again, with weekends like this last one, momentum has shifted and I’m closing in on the halfway point.

Which means I’d better get back to work brainstorming the next scene filled with complications for the lovely heroine…

Until next time,


Who wouldn’t want to stay in a castle right now?
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