I’m just a few chapters away from completing the first draft of Finding Home…and I cannot wait to share this story with you.

?Yes, I know some of you are not fans of historical fiction so just bear with me for a bit longer since the next story in the queue is contemporary. Followed by another contemporary after that.

?But in the meantime, the timeline of this current tale spans from 1803 to 1814, including an official dip into the Regency era. Except rather than spend time with debutantes in ballrooms, the setting splits between the idyllic countryside of the Lakes District in northern England and the life of a Royal Navy sailor during the Napoleonic Wars.

?Yep. The hero spends time at sea, separated from those he loves and his home. ?Which of course meant more research for me!

?So, what was life like at sea in the early 1800s? 

?First, you had merchant ships and ports and trade routes with shipboard tasks that included hoisting sails and swabbing decks. Not to mention limited fresh water for drinking, stale meals, and stormy seas.

?Then, as if life at sea did not come with enough inherent risk, along came the British Navy and their uncomfortable habit of impressing sailors into military service. As in legal kidnapping in order to fill their crews. In fact, the impressing of Americans into the British Navy was one of the causes behind the War of 1812!

?As if that wasn’t enough adventure, add in the pirates. And not just the kind in the Caribbean who stole gold from other ships… 

I’m talking about the Barbary corsairs who operated out of North African ports and wreaked havoc along the European coastline as they captured merchant vessels and even raided villages as far north as Ireland with the express purpose of obtaining thousands upon thousands of slaves for the Ottoman Empire. Some captives were ransomed for a tidy profit, but most were sold for manual labor or even to man the galleys on vessels sent to capture still more slaves.

?It’s almost enough to make one want to stay securely on land! ?(Of course, the story wouldn’t be quite so interesting if Nicholas took the safe route…)

Anyway?, I can hardly wait for Finding Home to find a home on your bookshelf. 😉

Finding Home: Not your ordinary Regency Romance
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