This is my son’s car last Sunday morning.

Look closely and you can see his windshield wipers (that he’d lifted so they wouldn’t freeze to the glass), one headlight, and part of a wheel.

On Saturday evening, there were flakes falling…but only wet pavement. So while the weatherman had predicted such a storm, we were still surprised to see this when we awoke. And that was before it continued blizzarding all day Sunday leaving two feet of heavy wet snow in some spots (and super high drifts in others) and took us most of Monday to dig out while praying for the city’s snowplow to just take a single swipe down the middle of our street (which didn’t happen until Tuesday)…

But while many saw a major pain in their backs from all the shoveling, I saw blessings. Because spring snow here in Colorado is usually very wet. Meaning once this melts, the drought conditions that fed into last fall’s wildfires will be alleviated. Which is a miracle in itself.

Yet there was another miracle happening in our community as shovel-wielding folks came out to clear the driveways of our elderly neighbors and lend a shoulder to pushing out those four-wheel-drive trucks that got stuck in the road while trying to pack down ruts so others could get out to work.

Unexpected blessings in the middle of adverse circumstances.

It reminded me of the sermon we listened to that same Sunday morning from the comfort of our couch. (COVID technology comes in very handy during blizzards! Another unexpected blessing…)

We are in the middle of a series about “Where is God in all of this?” focused on the life of Queen Esther. And one of the pastor’s points had to do with God’s sovereignty and how He use results of our free will choices to accomplish His perfect will.

God’s people were in a foreign land and about to face the ultimate of cancel culture when an evil man planned to wipe out not just one person but his entire race. Dark days indeed. And yet… “who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

Haman’s free will decision to eradicate the Jews and the king’s tacit agreement looked very bad. And yet–through a king’s timely insomnia and a brave queen’s dinner invitation–God was able to turn those circumstances around to not only deliver and enrich His chosen people, but also to elevate Mordecai to a position of authority for the good of the nation.

God’s sovereignty over all comes down to this reminder from Paul: “For we know that all things work together for good…” (Romans 8:28)

So when the storm rages and the snow falls or even when enemies try to cancel you… just remember that God is still on the throne and in ultimate control of the outcome.

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Snowstorms and Sovereignty
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