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Well, that was a cryptic title for a blog post…

As you faithful readers probably already know, I am in the middle of writing a series of standalone stories featuring castles from across a wide variety of regions and eras. (I hope to release #4 and #5 this year!) 

Castles often make us think of Prince Charming and fairy tales and princesses. Or at least kind hearted commoners who are elevated to that royal status at the end.

Many of the stories in this particular series were first inspired by a dream (yes, crazy, but that’s how a lot of my ideas start). But there are also familiar fairy tale elements that invariably pop up as the plot unfolds. I blame it on the fact my subconscious is always percolating with story elements, picking and choosing which fit best with the current plot.

Perhaps the most obvious example so far of a fairy tale inspiration was Stepping Into the Light. That story begins with a scene too reminiscent of Snow White as the heroine escapes the wicked attempt by her jealous stepmother to have her killed. I may or may not have surrounded her later with a group of grumpy, happy, and even sneezy villagers just for fun.

It was a loose interpretation of the original tale that obviously went in a very different direction. And not only because it’s set in the medieval Scottish Highlands. Still, the fairy tale inspiration was there on the page.

But now, as I’m busy revising and polishing the pages of Finding Home, I’m reminded how much Susannah is a mixture of Cinderella meets Goose Girl. Cinderella in that there’s a mean stepmother and two stepsisters who treat her poorly. And Goose Girl in that there’s an identity switch not unlike Twain’s tale of The Prince and the Pauper. Except perhaps not quite as voluntary…

That’s all I’m going to say for now because I can’t give it all away. ;-) However, suffice it to say that I love how this story is weaving together and hope to release it in May.

So, while I leave you with that fairy tale inspirational teaser to tickle your curiosity, I’ll sign off and get back to work on those revisions!

Finding Home ~ Where Cinderella meets Goose Girl
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