If you’re anything like me, you’re on your phone a lot. Not talking or even texting. But scrolling through social media, playing games, or reading.

Yes, reading.

While there are apps featuring full-length books (like my vast Kindle library waiting to be read), there are also a multitude of serial fiction apps out there where those same full-length stories are delivered in bite sized pieces for busy people.

So, I’m happy to announce that some of my first books are now on Radish with plenty more to come.

And I’d like your help with a little experiment if you’re up for a challenge…

For those who are willing to help out, head to the app store on your phone and look for Radish. Then install it.

While you’re doing that, let me just caution that there are a LOT of different genres and types of stories available and once inside the app you’ll have to wade through all the “featured” stories to get to what you’re looking for.

Now for the experiment to see if I can boost visibility of my stories…

Find books by Candee Fick on the Radish app

First, if you’re reading this on your phone, then try clicking this link to go to my author page OR in the top right corner of the Radish home screen, click the magnifying glass/search button. Type in my name (Candee Fick) and you should get to the same place with my picture and bio at the top…and two stories at the bottom.

Then, click on a story, then in the top right corner of the new screen, click on the bookmark icon to add it to your library. If you then scroll down, you’ll see a description and list of episodes as well as a spot to turn on notifications if you want to know when new episodes are available if the book is still releasing. (If you’re curious, you can start reading the first episode, give it a thumbs up, comment, etc. and continue reading if you want. Otherwise, go back to my author page and do the same for the other story too!)

You can enjoy the first 10 (out of 40 plus) episodes of Catch of a Lifetime for free. Then each additional episode will “unlock” after an hour’s wait (as in read one episode in the carpool line, then pick up again while waiting for the spaghetti water to boil for supper) up until the last 5 episodes which cost 3 coins each (i.e. how this author gets paid). You can also use coins to unlock episodes early and inside the app’s “Gift Box” you can get free coins in a daily drawing, for watching ads, or for completing other tasks/promotions. (So basically, you can read my book for FREE with a little patience.)

I’ve put in a request for The Wardrobe Series to also be put on the same structure but they’re still working on it. Dance Over Me (book #1 in the series) is releasing one episode per day Monday through Saturday, followed by the rest of the books in the series. So, for that title, turning on the notification bell is a handy reminder to come back for the next chapter if you want to read it!

BONUS experiment task #1: Go back to the search page and look for Religious or Clean & Wholesome as tags. Then scroll down until you find my books, click on the picture, and let Radish know my book is a relevant result (so they’ll display it higher on the list!)

BONUS experiment task #2: From the search screen, instead of typing in a search term, browse by theme and click the side arrow beside Romance. You can filter by “Completed” (i.e. everything is already published vs. one episode a day still coming) if you want. But up in the top right corner is a drop-down of “Themes” where you can find a Religious or Clean & Wholesome tone, a Found Family trope, or a Football Player character. (Caution: There are a lot of abs in the pictures so be careful what terms you search for…and my cover images should stand out because of the colors.) Then, once you find me, click on the story to tell Radish it’s a relevant result.

So, that’s the experiment. I want to see if other people poking around inside the app and finding my stories will boost their visibility.

(And if you get sucked into an addictive reading vortex, I apologize in advance. Then again, I just might see you there! Ha.)

Now Delivering Bite Sized Fiction for Busy People