Lots of stuff happened last year…

One son got engaged, moved back home for a few months, then got married and moved out.

The other son had stress fractures destroy his junior track season and then interrupt his senior cross country season to the point he’s seriously considering trying to pole vault this spring instead.

The (extended) family truly enjoyed a vacation again, this time right on the lake and mere minutes from Silver Dollar City.

We all acquired natural immunity to COVID the hard way…and discovered a new appreciation for our senses of taste and smell.

The Princess was her usual demanding self and gave me a glimpse of what our not-so-empty nest will look like in the future.

My “word” for 2021 had been to Dream Again. And I did as I branched out into different sales channels, explored serial fiction, and re-released several books in audio format.

So, as I prepared to turn the calendar pages to a fresh year, I began to pray for God’s wisdom in the days ahead, eager to see what God had in store.

And the more I prayed, the more I sensed a need to get ROOTED. Firmly established in my Faith. Planted by the stream. Nourished in days of drought. Unmovable in the storm. Clearly focused on the Truth of God’s unfailing Love as my Source.

As I explored what the word ROOTED meant for my daily life, I found a renewed purpose in becoming deliberate and intentional in many areas including my quiet times with God, exercise routines, financial decisions, household projects, and family/friend connections.

And when it comes to my writing, I know that will mean the full diversification of my current catalog with ongoing steady-drip promotions to find new readers as I finish up the castle series. Then once rooted in that foundation, I could see myself branching out into more teaching and coaching opportunities while continuing the creative romp through new story worlds.

We’ll see.

After all, it will take awhile to get all the current stories into all the different formats and sales channels plus finish writing the last book in the castle series. I’ll wait until then before making any real plans for the next project… Roots first, then produce the fruit.

I’m not sure what curveballs 2022 might throw my way, but I know that God’s faithfulness and presence will see me through.

What about you? When you look back over last year, how did you see God’s hand at work? What are you hoping for in 2022? Do you have a “Word” for this new year? I’d love to hear what God’s laying on your heart.

2022 Word of the Year ~ Rooted
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