Saving Grace is coming soon

Saving Grace is coming soon…Which means it’s time to start giving my faithful readers more than vague hints about this long-delayed book.

Once upon a time, it began with a folder filled with scribbled story ideas. A few scenes featured historical settings that had nothing to do with each other, but most were contemporary romances.

I wrote the story about the football coach. I wrote the story about the small-town diner (that one’s still on my laptop collecting dust). I wrote the story about the orphaned actress and when the secondary characters spoke up, I wrote the rest of that series. I even started work on a mountain resort caretaker story with plans percolating for a story about a collector frequenting estate auctions.

But was was a writer to do with the other characters that just would NOT leave her alone?

Then one morning, while on a walk to give my brain time to sort out the convoluted mess upstairs, I had an idea.

What if I had a book-loving heroine? She might naturally read a few pages from a book and then go about her contemporary day, perhaps randomly letting thoughts from those other stories filter in at opportune (or inopportune) moments. 

Instead of making up bits for her to read, I could simply take those few historical ideas in my folder, write the scenes I’d first envisioned, give those characters their fifteen minutes of fame, and stay true to my brand as a writer of contemporary romance.

Sounded perfect, right?

Except what if a reader happened to really like that scene my bookworm read and wanted to know more? Would they be mad to learn that was all there was of the story?

Hmm. What if for each of those scene snippets I wrote a short novella including the rest of that story? I could then collect the novellas into a companion set to release alongside the featured story. Happy readers and an additional income source for me.


So I sat down to plot out those simple historical novellas…and an interwoven series soon emerged as themes and castle objects and emotional lessons and Truth created a giant mess.

A mess involving five stacks of different colored index cards. A mess further complicated knowing the stories taking shape might end up longer than the usual novella. That those stories needed to be finished before I’d know exactly what scenes to include in the contemporary title.

Because, the heroine in Stepping Into the Light bears physical scars and fears she’s not worthy of love. So does Grace.

The heroine in To Win Her Heart is competing with a pretty cousin for the attention of the hero. Same with Grace.

The heroine in The Lost Heir might be dancing with a handsome man at a ball but she’s wishing he was her childhood love instead. Aside from the dancing, that’s Grace.

The heroine in Finding Home has to refuse to go along with others’ plans for her life and fight for what she really wants. And so does Grace.

See how complicated this story was getting? No wonder my brain would shut down mid-writing and demand a break! And that’s before the other assorted castle elements from each story and the pile of research into the modern-day castle setting needed their place on the page.

As if I could make this long story short even if I tried, I wrote and then published the first four books in the castle series. (Mostly because I knew I couldn’t wait until the end to publish them after all. That was just too long for my readers to wait!)

Now (finally!!) the story pulling them all together is in the editing stages. Saving Grace will be up for pre-order soon so stay tuned for more details as soon as I have them.

In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that the entire Wardrobe series has been released in Audio format, including the Complete collection at a release-window discount price. You can buy them direct here or if you’d rather, get them from ChirpKoboGoogle PlayScribdAudiobooks or coming soon to Audible (they’re the slowest to populate the listings so bookmark the page if that’s your preferred platform).

(I’ll admit that listening to an audiobook makes chores like dishes, cooking, and folding laundry a bit more enjoyable. Never thought I’d be the one listening to more than Spotify or podcasts, but…here I am. Getting my fiction fix while tuning out the whining Princess voice at the same time. Win-win!)

Until next time, happy reading!

Saving Grace is coming soon