Christmas is just a week away and I’ve already been given the perfect gift.

My salvation, of course. Along with God’s forgiveness, presence, comfort, wisdom, and so on.

But I’m also talking about my restored health. Glimpses of creativity after such a long drought. A light at the end of the reconstruction tunnel and knowledge this estate-business marathon is (finally!!!) reaching the finish line. 

And a renewed purpose because I know what i was created to do.

First, a little background. I was given a Christmas devotional called Bring on the Merry by Candace Cameron Bure. One of the articles pointed out how everyone in the Christmas story had a role to play, while Jesus was still the center of it all.

Mary was pregnant. Joseph stepped up to be her husband. The donkey carried them. The star shone the way to guide wise men who sought Him. The shepherds were just doing their jobs in the fields and therefore were in the right spot to see the angel and become messengers of Jesus’ arrival.

The application was that God gifts each of us in different ways and we can then use those unique gifts to bring joy and bless others with His love.

So, what does that mean for me? 

It means I’m on my way back to writing again.

I’m a storyteller. It’s how I make sense of the world and communicate truth. Whether it’s finding object lessons that help me understand God’s Truth through modern day parables (like in my own devotional titles) or creating fictional worlds that depict God’s character and His love for His children as they navigate life, it all comes down to stories.

And I’ve come to realize (again) that storytelling can also be how I approach the Great Commission. Jesus instructed his disciples–those present and those to come even 2000 years later–to go into the world and preach the gospel.

What gospel is that? That God loves us all and desires a relationship with us. That Jesus came and died in our place to solve the sin problem. That He rose again to give us new life. That His Spirit is still here with us. And that Jesus is coming again.

Honestly, when my health was at the lowest point, I almost gave up this profession. Seriously debated taking down my website and unpublishing my books. But conviction grew that I needed to be a good steward of God’s gifts, including the stories He’d already given me.

And so I’ve been given the gift of a renewed purpose.

Practically speaking, that means I’ll be dusting off my backlist and seeing what I can do in terms of marketing to breathe new life into those existing titles. I’ll also be polishing up a few mostly-finished projects to get them out into the world. And then I’ll be diving into new stories once again.

All because there are readers out there (myself included) who need the encouraging reminder that God sees. He loves. He cares. He protects. He has a plan for each of us. And He is always good.

What about you? What unique gifts do you have that God can use to bless others this season? Is it baking treats for your neighbors? Caroling in a nursing home? Writing notes in cards for shut-ins and long-lost relatives? Creating a festive nest and inviting a few friends over for a movie-night? Babysitting for a young mom so she can get her shopping and wrapping done in peace?

Bring on the Merry this Christmas
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