If you’re anything like me, your TBR (to be read) pile is a teetering stack that far outnumbers your available reading time.

And even though you already have plenty of material to keep you entertained (for years??), there’s always that fear of missing out on a great deal from your favorite author or forgetting about that upcoming book in an addicting series.

What’s a reader to do?

Well, you could track down those authors’ websites and sign up for their email lists to get updates in your inbox. (If you haven’t done that yet, sign up here and get a free book plus other exclusive bonuses!)

But those authors might email too often or about enough other unrelated stuff that you start skimming or not even opening their emails. (I hope that’s not the case with mine, but I’m realistic enough to know it happens…since I’m guilty of not reading everything in my inbox. Sorry!)

So, what else is a reader to do?

Follow an author on BookBub or Amazon (or both).

Why? With one single click, you will get email notifications of deals, pre-orders, and new releases. Amazon might also send you emails recommending books similar to what you just read.

And when more readers follow an author, it opens doors for new marketing opportunities for me to get my books in front of more potential readers. Win for you and a win for me!

If you’re not familiar with BookBub yet, you might need to create an account where you pick your favorite genres to read (i.e. Christian Fiction). Then you’ll get a daily email filled with incredible deals on books in those genres. Once you’re signed up, then search for me (or follow this link) and click that red “+Follow” button at the top by my name.

That’s it.

Or you could then scroll to the bottom of the page and see their recommendations of other similar authors to follow.

(And bonus to me: if you’ve read one of my books before, you can leave a review or make a recommendation for other readers to find.)

On Amazon, it’s similar. Follow the link, and then at the top near my picture click the gray button that says “+Follow” or scroll down the page past all my books and other recommended authors to follow to find another picture of me and another button to “+Follow”

Both BookBub and Amazon are obviously trying to sell you books, so their emails re: authors you follow will definitely be aimed to get you to spend your money. But at least you’ll know when new books come out.

One last place you can find new books to read is Goodreads.

Not only can you enter Giveaways to get free books and chat with other readers about the latest book you’ve read, you have the option to follow authors there as well. But it takes a few clicks more to get notifications about new releases: just go to your user profile Account Settings, click Emails across the top, and from all the available options, you can select “Email me when an author I follow releases a new book”. (You can follow me on Goodreads with this link and look for a button near my picture.)

What about you? Where do you find your next book to read? Or your next book to buy? (I’m guilty of buying ahead and then either binging a series once complete or picking a book from previous purchases based on my mood for a certain genre or trope.)

Where do you find your next book to read?
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