Some of you dear readers have been on my email list for long enough to remember (and have been praying for) our ongoing estate issue saga. For those who are new (or those who could use a quick refresher), here’s the shortish version: 

My mother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly in the fall of 2022 and my personal writing schedule took a backseat to wrangling the details of her complicated multi-state estate. (i.e. three states and three probate courts and three different lawyers involved!!!)

A frozen-then-burst water pipe in December 2022 flooded her Colorado home…and the water mediation company identified asbestos materials which were then removed along with all the developing mold…and reconstruction was delayed for months as we figured out how to bring the electrical and plumbing systems up to current building codes plus we couldn’t get a permit until we agreed to also upgrade to an energy efficient boiler/radiant heat system and instant water heater.

Christmas came and went, marking a YEAR of dealing with the mess but at least progress was being made. 

Meanwhile, I was counting my blessings. Or at least trying to!

I mean we could have tried to sell the house and land in its previous condition, only to have it fail inspection by the buyers. Most of the above repairs and all of the asbestos abatement could have come out of our personal pocketbook.

Instead, the insurance company paid for the bulk of everything minus our deductible and the additional boiler upgrade. We’re talking a six-figure total claim that in itself was an answer to prayer.

And with all the updates to the house, new flooring, gutted and remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, brand new appliances, etc. we hoped it would be easy to sell the property even with a slower housing market due to higher interest rates.

All along I’ve been praying for that new buyer. 

Praying that God would bring just the right person along at just the right time. That God would use the delays on our end to get them into the right position at just the right time.

I even boldly asked for a cash buyer and a quick sale! (I mean, if you’re going to ask the Creator and Sovereign God, why not ask for big things?)

But with all my praying, was I really believing and trusting God to answer prayer?

Or was I convinced the answer would be more of the same? I mean, I’d been asking God for other things like building permits only to hear “wait patiently for the Lord” instead.

Fast forward to the beginning of April (yes, barely a few weeks ago) when we staged and prepared to list the property for sale. It hit the market on a Thursday afternoon and almost immediately had a showing scheduled.

Friday morning our realtor texted that we had a “serious cash buyer” coming to see it. By Friday evening we were entertaining an offer. And after sleeping on it, we countered. They accepted.

Just like that we were under contract before the first scheduled open house had barely started. Not to mention, we close at the end of the week!

Cash buyer. Quick sale. Walking away with the amount we’d wanted.

And I am left apologizing to God for my unbelief. 

I’d been praying for just this answer…but not truly believing He’d do it. After all the previous delays, I doubted. Kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. For the rug to get ripped out from under the deal. 

Why? I know God is trustworthy. Loving. Kind. That His plans are perfect. That His thoughts are higher than mine. That He is working all things for my good. That past miracles in my life show He is more than able to do it again.

But there’s a big difference between head-knowledge and heart-knowledge. Those eighteen inches make all the difference!

Once again God has shown Himself FAITHFUL to do above and beyond all I could ask or think. Which–now that I’ve repented for my doubts–actually builds my trust. 

I can hardly wait to see what He has in store for this next chapter of my life once the estate is officially closed. (Especially since it involves a brand new series launching later this year!!)

What about you? What big, bold prayers have you been praying? Are you truly believing God is able to answer them? If you’re waiting not-so-patiently, what lessons is He teaching you through the process? Can I pray along with you for a breakthrough?

Sometimes Trusting God to Answer Prayer is Hard…
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