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Story Calendar – Plotting a story with this many moving parts including games, class assignments, holidays, and other deadlines can get complicated. Check out this pdf of the table I used to keep it all in order. (You’ll notice it was based on 2013 and the college football playoff match-ups/conferences from that year. Yes, this was my debut novel.)

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What was true? The short version is that while Front Range University is a fictional place with a fictional staff, mascot, and team colors, it was based on the very real Colorado State University campus layout and season schedule from the year I wrote the book. Including the fact they really did travel to play in Alabama (although I totally made up the parts about the accident and the supposed driver). Cassie’s career trajectory as a trainer was based on real degrees, classes, and certifications at the time. Fun fact: my husband volunteered as an assistant coach at CSU one year and I got an up-close glimpse into the facilities plus tunnel and sideline access during a couple games and that research directly inspired parts of several scenes.

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