Behind the Scenes: Research for Authenticity

Behind the Scenes: Research for Authenticity

Have you ever read a book where the simplest thing took you out of the story in two seconds flat? If you’re from that setting or profession, it just takes one bit of misinformation to spark an internal argument with the author and start you questioning everything else in the story. Because it’s one of my pet peeves, I invest the time to get the details right to preserve that connection with readers and research

Enter to Win a Football-Themed Giveaway

Enter to Win a Football-Themed Giveaway

Are you ready for some football? The official high school and college seasons kick off this week and the professionals next week. Can’t you just hear the roar of the crowd under the bright lights? So, in honor of football moms, football fans, tailgaters, reluctant tag-a-longs, and the athletes we cheer for (and because my coming debut novel revolves around a fictional college football program), I’m giving away a stack of books worth over $50 to help

Behind the Scenes: Why Write About Football?

Behind the Scenes: Why Write About Football?

There’s a saying among authors to write what you know. This means to start with a subject or emotion you know well enough to communicate clearly to readers. Personally, I know about being a nerdy wallflower growing up, teaching high school, raising a child with special needs, working in a restaurant, being backstage for a theater production, … and I know football. Not only did I grow up playing football with the boys at recess


What are you doing tonight? I’ll be watching my sophomore son take snaps under center during his school’s varsity Homecoming game. (No pressure for this football mom!) Football has been a part of my life since I was an infant and my parents took me to games. Growing up, I was the tomboy who played football with the boys at recess. Then, I married a football coach, hauled our kids around to games, and now our

Celebrating the Journey With a Sale

Ever looked back on how far you’ve come? I’ve always been an avid reader and my imagination took me to faraway places to meet fascinating people. After closing the pages, the characters stayed with me and as a child I invented new things for them to do and say. Somewhere along the way, my writing dream took root in the form of “someday I’d like to write a book of my own.” Even though life has

Dashed Dreams

Early in September, I sat beside a friend from church at a high school football game. Her son was a senior running back and linebacker and arguably the best player on the field while my freshman son was likely to stay on the sidelines. I remembered the previous year when my husband took this young man to a college game as a potential recruit and recalled learning his dream was to play in the NFL. I could hardly wait

Pushing Forward

In skimming through a handful of mail last week, I found an envelope addressed in my own handwriting. Inside, a “sorry, but we’re going to pass on your submission” note written across the top of my query letter. Ouch. The rejection not only stung but dashed the hopes I’d been stockpiling all summer. Dreams of landing an agent this year were sidelined and I’m back to the beginning again. Know what I felt like? Like the main

More Than a Game

Football must be more than a game. Otherwise, the furor wouldn’t last all week. All year. And a lifetime. Just ask any football fan. Most can tell you about random games from years long gone and quote statistics for their favorite players. And when the rival comes to town? Well, look out. I’m married to one of these dedicated fans who has cheered for the Chicago Bears since age six. Not to mention he used

Football Friday – The Reward

It’s that time of year again. The time when sportscasters debate the intricacies and merits of the various post-season college bowl games and awards. Who is in the running for the Heisman? Who will be playing for the National Championship according to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) computer and who should be? Who faced the toughest opponents, who won with the greatest point margins, and whose statistics are more impressive? It’s all about comparisons …