Scrambled Brains

. . . And I’m not talking about that disgusting-sounding dish my mother tells of eating as a child. (Pictured for your benefit.) I’m talking about the brains between my ears. The ones trying to juggle the ongoing stress of getting all the kids to and from their school activities and sports with the necessary equipment while maintaining a semi-sanitary home, keeping the laundry baskets nearly empty, providing semi-nutritious meals, and refereeing the constant whining

Taking a Break

Ever pushed yourself to reach ambitious goals? It’s difficult finding the balance between pursuing a dream and realistically counting the cost. And not just the financial cost. But the effects on our families, work performance, relationships, health, and sanity. If you don’t take the time to make consistent deposits, you’ll find yourself overdrawn. Which is where I find myself. I adjusted my daily routines to account for having the family around the house this summer.