Looking Ahead to a New Year

As the clock ticks down on the end of another year, I’m once again looking back over the past months and dreaming about the future. In 2013, I wanted to focus on family relationships, a healthy lifestyle, debt reduction and a balanced budget, and a bunch of writing goals. Overall, I’ve made good progress on balancing family, health, home, and our finances. Whew! Not to mention I feel like I have strategies in place to keep

Sticky: Encouragement For The Journey

Life is a journey full of twists and turns and unexpected delights. My own journey includes walking by faith, balancing work with raising a family, caring for a special needs child, and pursuing my dream of writing full-time. While I’ve been blogging since 2009, my focus is on Faith, Family, and Fiction. The current program is: Mondays – Creation Declares series – Discovering more about God through His creation. Wednesdays – Tools For the Journey –

More Than Family

Two women from different cultures, both widows, undertook a long journey. One was consumed by bitterness and sought to return to the “old country.” The other resisted pressure and refused to return to her old home, instead embracing a new faith.  The road back to Bethlehem was only part of their story. Here’s the recap: Naomi’s family had escaped a famine by moving to Moab and gained two daughters-in-law in the process. After the death of her husband

Loving Yourself

Two relatively simple commands: love God with everything you’ve got and love your neighbor as yourself. Why do we have such trouble following them? Because of those two words at the end … as yourself. On the narcissistic end of the spectrum, self-indulgence and self-absorption cause us to hold back areas of our life and never give ourselves fully to serving God. Self-importance and plain-old selfishness keep our focus off the needs of those around