Character Interviews: (These blog posts were pre-launch so the preorder links no longer apply and they feature the original book cover, but it’s still a fun flashback to the beginning of this series!)

The Inspiration behind the Story

Series Plot Calendar for the first three books – A pdf chart based on 2015-2016. You can see the theater production dates such as auditions, cast lists, rehearsals, and opening nights as well as other events like Gloria’s surgery/recovery. (Note: D is for Dance, F for Focus, and S for Sing as my shorthand code for when scenes from individual books fell into the overall timeline.)

What’s true? I invented The Wardrobe Dinner Theater, but it is based on a compilation of several dinner theaters in our area. I picked a season’s line-up of shows and did my best to include the real plot points, song lyrics, and bits of dialogue as needed. While interviewing an actress at one location, she mentioned company-owned apartments for the single cast members…and I suddenly had a lot of easy plot conflict to include!

Spotify playlist – For the series but specifically includes songs from 42nd Street that give you a taste of the Big Band sound and tapping feet. While writing certain scenes, this was playing on repeat as I tried to capture the energy of the stage!

A glimpse into a rehearsal for 42nd Street’s audition scene – YouTube video

The Book Trailer on YouTube

Discussion Questions – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

P.S. If you somehow ended up here without reading the book yet, you can get an ebook, paperback, or audiobook from your favorite retailer here.