(This page also includes bonus material from the rest of Liz and Ryan’s story found in A Picture Perfect Christmas!)

Character Interviews: (these were pre-launch blog posts, so excuse the preorder push…but you might enjoy seeing the original cover)

Series Plot Calendar – get a pdf of the color-coded convoluted chart I made (based on 2015 to 2016 when originally writing the Wardrobe series) to keep track of all the theater business events in the first three books. Stuff like cast lists, rehearsals, and opening nights plus holidays. (Note: D is for Dance, F for Focus, and S for Sing)

What’s true? I hadn’t planned to write a follow-up to Focus On Love, but readers demanded to know what happened next. So, while it would be a wait for Gloria’s story to release, I quickly wrote a Christmas novella. And I must say that walking down the virtual aisle with one of my favorite fictional couples brought back a lot of memories from my own Christmas season wedding. Decorating the church was easy, and we added our own special touch with a giant tree at the reception for what else but the gifts! And in case you were wondering about a few of the other special details in the story: pecan shortbread snowballs are my favorite Christmas cookie, my youngest son makes me the best Hershey’s Cocoa hot chocolate from scratch, I love working on big puzzles even if my family isn’t as crazy about them, and I have indeed strung yards of popcorn as a decoration even if it was for my college dorm’s decorating contest and the experience has yet to be repeated. Oh, and the brightly-colored luggage gift idea was stolen straight from my sister-in-law without apology!

Download recipes for stovetop Hot Chocolate, Pecan Snowballs, Gingersnaps, and my kids’ favorite Butter Sugar Cookies made with tangy cream cheese – get the printable pdf now

Get a Wardrobe series Spotify playlist – includes a few songs from Focus on Love, specifically “The Maker” by Chris August and “Love Never Goes Away” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Book Trailer for Focus on Love – on YouTube

Book Trailer for A Picture Perfect Christmas – on YouTube

Discussion Questions for Focus On Love – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

Discussion Questions for A Picture Perfect Christmas – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

P.S. If you somehow ended up here without reading Focus On Love yet, you can get an ebook, paperback, or audiobook from your favorite retailer here. Or if you missed A Picture Perfect Christmas, you can get various formats of it here.