You met Tyler in Sing a New Song and I couldn’t wait to redeem him. And I had the perfect girl in mind. But if you somehow missed that backstory, you can find it here.

What’s real? When I sat down to brainstorm this particular story, I had no idea where my research would lead. With a vague idea that it might be good to bring Tyler back in touch with the rustic foundations of his music, I did an online search for homemade instruments in the Ozarks. Near the top of the results was a story about Ed Stilley, and suddenly I’d found both the perfect message and symbol to trigger Tyler’s journey home to faith and family and singing again. Yes, Mr. Stilley really did make and give away several hundred instruments to children and yes, they really were inscribed with the words “True Light. True Faith. Have Faith in God.” I love it when my research adds unexpected—perhaps even God-ordained—depth to my stories.

Short documentary including interviews with Ed Stilley and a look inside a few of his instruments – YouTube video – If you don’t have ten minutes, at least the next photos give you an idea!

Map of Ridgedale area – Just south of Branson and along a finger of Table Rock Lake, this was the perfect spot to place my fictional Mitchell’s Way Stop.

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