What’s real? Once upon a time, I spent the night in a gorgeous room at the top of a tower at Glen Eyrie castle. Actually, it was several nights. And on several different occasions in various other rooms in the castle while helping groups of young writers brainstorm and polish their own stories.

While there, the nuggets of ideas I had bouncing around in my head grew until I had a fully developed story (and series) of my own. I embraced the castle theme, not only for the history-loving heroine in Saving Grace but also for the books she liked to read. And I adored the idea of a girl living in a fairy tale world but not having a fairy tale life…until she does.

There was a reason I wove in excerpts from others stories. Not only did it show Grace as a bookworm living in other stories, but I hoped the poignant themes of scars, romantic competition with a cousin, stepping into her identity, and fighting for her future would help ease Grace along the way toward healing. That and every single story in the series has contained an element of a hidden identity…which I thought was fitting since it took awhile for Drew and Grace to figure out who each other were.

When it came to Drew’s military training and Grace’s burn treatments and how they could merge the two to help others, I also collected relevant research. You can see a copy of my messy notes here.

The castle inside this book, its history, and its current use are very real. In fact, Glen Eyrie is just one of several castles located in Colorado. The descriptions of the buildings and grounds are mine from personal experience on the grounds including the tunnel. And I did a LOT of research into General Palmer and his family to create the scripts Grace used while giving her tours. You can get a pdf of my complete timeline notes here.

I fell in love with this particular castle while staying there…but the presence of God really spoke to me and my research helped uncover why. When it came to the Navigators ministry and the power of prayer, I think you might be inspired by this YouTube video filled with stories of several divine miracles including the Billy Graham connection while also giving you a virtual tour of the property.

Discussion Questions – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

P.S. If you somehow ended up here without reading the book yet, you can get an ebook or paperback copy from your favorite retailer here.