Character Interviews: (These blog posts were from the pre-launch so they include preorder mentions as well as the original cover design.)

Variations on a Theme – The whole series revolves around the idea of fame and the spotlight, with various characters making different choices with very different consequences. But there’s a key verse that inspired their stories as well, as I explain in this past blog post.

What’s real? My family vacations in Branson, Missouri every year and Silver Dollar City is always a “must do” activity. Some of the rides and concert groups have changed since I first envisioned this story, but it’s still a fun chapter. As for the Sherwood businesses and shows, they were inspired by a multitude of family-owned theaters and multi-generational performing groups along the strip in Branson. In fact, I specifically attended a concert by the Haygoods before learning that while 5 brothers and 1 sister currently perform together, there are actually 8 siblings who used to sing together. Which of course influenced the Sherwood dynamics… Oh, and that rooster scene in the middle of the book? Totally inspired by a personal encounter trying to do chores at my parents’ house. I still bear a scar on my shin! And these photos (below) were my inspiration for Granny Rose and her rustic cabin complete with a porch Gloria could fall through.

Wardrobe series Plot Calendar – Get a pdf of the color-coded convoluted mess I used to keep track of all the theater dates (like cast lists, rehearsals, and opening nights) for the first 3 books in the series. (Note: D is for Dance, F for Focus, and S for Sing when it comes to certain scenes)

Spotify playlist for the series – includes multiple songs from Sing a New Song, including The Prayer.

The Prayer (English lyric version) – YouTube video (Not much to watch other than the words, but an amazing rendition all the same)

Book Trailer on YouTube

Discussion Questions – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

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