I love speaking to audiences and offering encouragement for their personal and writing journeys. If you are looking for a speaker, please browse the past topics below for an idea of what I can offer your group.

For events within easy driving distance of my home in northern Colorado, I will consider speaking for free in exchange for a book table (if appropriate for the setting). For events further away, please consider helping with my traveling expenses. For inquiries or scheduling, email me at Candee [at] CandeeFick [dot] com and put “Speaking” in the subject line. Thanks!

Previous Writing Topics:

Piecing Together a Story: Uses the analogy of assembling a puzzle including cornerstone elements, outline vs. non-outline, and finding the missing pieces.

The Author Toolbox: Practical tools for authors as they build a book, build a platform, build a business, and build a career. This has nothing to do with crafting plots or characters, but everything to do with software, websites, social media, time management, taxes, and launch teams.

From Idea to Book-signing: For school-aged or older audiences. Covers the many aspects of the life of an author including the steps for writing a book from getting ideas, through research, planning, getting the words on paper, revising, and polishing through publication and marketing.

Previous Faith and Family Topics:

Making Lemonade: Like the book, covers the stages of transforming sour parenting experiences including the pucker reaction, juicing process, adding sugar, watering down with life, stirring within a pitcher of support, chilling, sipping, and sharing.

Timeout for Mom: Uses analogies from football to encourage busy mothers to schedule time for rest and call a stop in the action when necessary.

Desperately Seeking Wisdom: Covers false expectations about parenting, challenges, and the lessons learned along the way.