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Arial view of the Scottish Highlands – YouTube video – This country is gorgeous and I just might have to set another story there in the future.

Glossary of Scottish terms – Download a pdf of many of the terms used in the book

What’s real? Or in other words, how did I get into a medieval Scottish mindset? The short answer is that I read a TON of books in the genre and filled a notebook with lists of lingo and descriptions and names for things. Of course, that meant assuming those authors had done their research as well, but when something popped up a lot of times, I highlighted it as something to fact check and include as a splash of historical realism.

But where did the inspiration for the fairytale twist come from originally? I actually dreamed a scene where a scarred heroine is hiding other girls from their evil “queen” while hearing rumors of a “prince” coming from a distant land and hoping he might save them. In my dream, she was glad for her scars because they protected her. Later, I built a plot around that inspiration scene and dove deeper into the characters…which led to necessary changes. However, rather than invent a bunch of kingdoms somewhere in Europe, I remembered that Highland clans operated like mini-kingdoms and quickly landed upon the setting for the story.

What about the title? While I am not physically scarred like Moira or overlooked like Evan, there have been times where I’ve felt insignificant and content to linger in the shadows while others took the limelight. And yet, hiding away only denied the unique gifts the Creator bestowed and kept me from living out my true identity as a daughter of the King. This series turned into an exploration of that truth with a “hidden identity” element in every book!

Book Trailer – YouTube video

Discussion Questions – get a pdf of discussion starters for your Book Club

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