Character Matters – Patience

I’ve spent most of the last month battling the nasty creeping crud I caught from my family. Let’s just say I’ve experienced about every symptom possible from the lungs up followed by total-body weakness that served as a flashback to my days on the couch with chronic fatigue syndrome. But my calendar and to-do list don’t care that I’m not feeling remotely close to 100%. Work deadlines. Personal writing goals. Blogs to post. Social media networking. Laundry, meals, and

Like A Tree – Recording Growth

How can you tell what kind of life a tree has had? Dendrochronology. A big, fancy scientific method that basically examines the rings and looks for clues. Trees grow faster in the spring and summer, adding layers of xylum next to their outermost bark. When fall and winter roll around, growth slows down. If you cut a cross-section through a tree trunk, you would see alternating light and dark sections representing those faster and slower growth periods.