Football Friday – The Reward

It’s that time of year again. The time when sportscasters debate the intricacies and merits of the various post-season college bowl games and awards. Who is in the running for the Heisman? Who will be playing for the National Championship according to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) computer and who should be? Who faced the toughest opponents, who won with the greatest point margins, and whose statistics are more impressive? It’s all about comparisons …

Football Friday – Time Out

Football Friday – Time Out

The older I get (and I’m not sharing how old that is), the faster time flies by. I mean, wasn’t it only last month that the kids started back to school? And Thanksgiving, two children’s birthdays, and Christmas are coming in less than two months. The game of life is rushing by with very few (if any) breaks in the never-ending list of things I need to get done. For illustration purposes, consider my day

Football Friday – Penalties

I’m finally back to blogging. (Even if it is later than I had hoped. Blame it on working over 40 hours last week during my “break” followed by a disfunctional wireless connection.) As most of you already know, I’m a busy mom of three children, ages 6 to 13. By default, that also makes me the referee. Somehow, I’m supposed to be aware of where everyone is at all times, what they are doing, and

Football Friday – Believing Your Press

One thing I’ve noticed, now that my husband is a part of football at the college level, is that there is at least one newspaper article covering some aspect of the team every day. Every day. Not to mention the numerous radio and television reporters and commentators with their pre-game, game, and post-game coverage. Add in the mid-week coach’s show and daily sports talk radio. That’s a lot of press. And a lot of chances,

Football Friday – Picking Your Fantasy Team

My husband and son are part of several (free) online fantasy football contests. Every week they check up on their chosen players, bench the injured ones, and occasionally trade a few out for someone with better on-field statistics. Then, every weekend they follow the sports news to see how their teams did. How did they pick the players on their team? By carefully analyzing past performance and health histories. Are they coming off an injury

Football Friday – Protecting From Injury

Life, like football, hits hard and so you’d better be protected. In my book, Pigskin Parables: Reflections of a Football Widow, I spent a chapter comparing football pads and the spiritual armor listed in Ephesians 6. I won’t rehash the topic other than to say “PUT IT ON.” Salvation, righteousness, truth, peace, and faith will cushion the inevitable blows in life. But just because a player is wearing all their pads doesn’t mean that injuries

Football Friday – Strategize for Success

One of the things my husband loves about coaching football is the strategic planning. Studying the opponent for tendencies and weaknesses. And designing corresponding play calls to capitalize on that information. Despite only having a few kinds of plays (run, pass, kick), the team’s playbook is filled with endless possibilities and variations. Some are used frequently throughout the game, while others are held for specific situations.   And all must be defended against.   Much

Victory Is Sweeter

… when the battle has been fierce and the journey has been long. On Saturday, I attended a college football game with my 12-year-old son, my dad, and my brother while my husband watched from the press box. The Colorado State University Rams faced off against the Idaho Vandals in a stadium filled with retro-uniform orange. Beautiful weather. A spirited band with a chorus line of suicide trombones. Cannon fire after each home team score

Football Friday – Paying the Price

Imagine a football player attending every team meeting and participating in every practice or workout. Running wind-sprints. Hitting hard and making tackles. Lifting weights. And risking injury. Day in and day out, making the sacrifice for the team. Sounds like a player doing what they’re supposed to do. Someone who is carrying through on their commitment to the team. But what if I said they made this level of sacrifice without a financial benefit or