The Perfect Gift is Closer Than You Think

The Perfect Gift is Closer Than You Think

The countdown is on with three weeks to go until Christmas. Which makes this my personal “crunch” week to make sure my decorating, initial baking, and shopping is done. Of course, as a perpetual planner, I’d rather check everything off my list ahead of time so I’m able to simply soak in the season as the days go by. (Not to mention, the college boy only gets eight days off before having to report back

All Good Things Come From Above

All Good Things Come From Above

After an extra-long weekend filled with turkey, pie, football (on television), basketball (college game streamed on my laptop), very little shopping, and some teenaged Birthday celebrating, I’m more than ready for our regular routines again. However, ’tis the season when the blessings…and the stress…overflow. Why? Because my to-do list between Thanksgiving and Christmas also includes two Birthday celebrations and some annual guardianship paperwork in addition to the usual shopping, wrapping, decorating, and baking leading up

I Come Bearing Gifts

I Come Bearing Gifts

It’s that time of year when folks scurry about buying last minute gifts and then rush home to wrap them in time for Christmas later this week. (And yes, I’ll be joining the mad dash later today since I’m so far behind on my shopping list …) Of course, while thinking of the perfect gifts to give, there is still a part of each us that emerges with the glee of a small child poring

Sharing The Gift

Awhile back, I scrounged the Walmart $5 DVD bin as a reward to myself for meeting a writing goal. The two movie set I found near the bottom featured the 1992 classic Pure Country with George Strait along with a 2010 unexpected treasure Pure Country 2: The Gift. To be honest, neither would win awards for acting. But the singing? I found myself humming several of the songs for days and even weeks. And months later, the message

The Gift of Hope

The kids are out of school for a couple weeks. The tree is decorated and wrapped gifts wait underneath the branches. Our family’s traditional homemade salami and cheese balls are made. All that remains is the countdown to Christmas Day. This year I’m giving myself the gift of space, the gift of time, the gift of grace, and lastly the gift of hope. To be honest, this last stretch has been rough emotionally as we’ve

The Gift of Grace

Ever have one of those days where plans de-rail, tasks go undone, and the lack of forward progress makes you want to crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow? Because I’ve had several of those days lately, in addition to wanting the gift of 3d photo crystal  and the gift of space & time this Christmas, I’m also looking for the gift of grace. I’ve been reading a wonderfully encouraging book by Max Lucado titled

The Gift of Time

My Christmas wish list has just four things on it. First was the gift of space to make room for a new office. Second is the gift of time. Don’t we all wish for more time? Time to get our to-do lists done and abandoned projects finished. Time to rest and recharge. Time to invest in the relationships that matter most. Time to enjoy a hobby or the latest bestseller. In fact, if you suddenly

Settling My Account Books

I know it’s not even close to tax season … and no, I’m not closing the doors on a business or wrapping up my personal affairs after a dire diagnosis. But, I am getting ready for the ACFW Conference next week and my brain turned toward financial things like how much cash I should bring along for my carbonated no-calorie caffeine addiction. Not to mention filing away the receipts for things I can use as a

He Wants Your Lunch

Imagine a crowd gathering to see the spectacle. To seek answers to their questions. To confirm if what they’ve heard about that man from the wrong side of the tracks is true or not. To perhaps even weave through the crowd to the front of the line in hopes their lives would be changed forever. And in the middle of the teeming multitude sat a boy with food. Not that a boy with food is that

Fundraiser for Sandi Rog

Last year, my writing friend Sandi Rog was diagnosed with Stage 4 T-cell lymphoma on the same day as her first novel debuted. As you might recall, due to intensive chemo treatments, she wasn’t able to do a scheduled book signing and so I volunteered to do it for her. Well, after a year of chemo and radiation and even a bone marrow transplant, Sandi is still battling the same exact cancer. This time in