Change Sometimes Requires a Detailed Plan

Change Sometimes Requires a Detailed Plan

Change is hard, especially when trying to uproot or overcome something that’s been around for awhile and has put down roots. (And I’m not talking about the dandelions that think Spring is the perfect time to camp out in the middle of my lawn.) Whether it’s major overhauls on a book manuscript or weaving new habits into an already packed schedule, sometimes change requires a detailed plan. This is especially true when juggling two (or

Tools For the Journey – Habit #1 – Be Proactive

The other day, I popped a bag of popcorn for a snack … then got to share it with my kids when the smell brought them running. It reminded me of Pavlov’s dogs who started salivating at the sound of a bell. Society tells us that we are conditioned to respond to certain situations based on our environment, upbringing, or genetics. However, as humans, we have self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and independent will, and therefore can

Tools For the Journey – Seven Habits For An Effective Life

Do you want an effective life? To know that you accomplished more than simply marking time until the next paycheck? I’ve felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels this summer in the quagmire of multiple baseball games, basketball camps, my brother’s wedding, work deadlines, abandoned writing goals, and more. Instead of feeling recharged, I’m weary. Instead of building something, I feel like the foundation is cracked. If I want to get somewhere in this journey