Windmills – Power From Pain

Here in northern Colorado, we have fields of gigantic windmills. Called wind farms, these rows of enormous metal wind turbines bear little resemblance to what I traditionally picture when I think of a windmill. But the concept is the same. It’s all about turning wind energy into rotational energy. The wind blows and pushes the blades, vanes, or sails, causing them to turn in a circle. Through a series of gears, this rotation is transformed

Overcoming Obstacles

Imagine facing a mountain over 19,000 feet high. Do you think you could make it to the top? Now imagine facing the same mountain without your legs.   That’s what happened recently, when three American veterans from three different wars scaled Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. With only one human leg between the three of them. They did it as an example to other amputees to send the message that whatever your disability, you can still find

Weather Patterns – Fog

Another Colorado weather phenomenon is fog. When evaporated moisture lingering near the ground encounters the cold night air and condenses into a ground cloud. The cool mist hovers and bathes the land with moisture. (That’s a nice change from Wednesday’s drought!) But, the problem with fog is that I can’t see where I’m going. Landmarks are hidden from view and it’s difficult to find my direction. Especially when I can’t see more than a few

Weather Patterns – Storms

Last week in Colorado, an October snowstorm closed school for two days because of treacherous road conditions. Activities were cancelled and families gathered to sled, eat soup, and play board games by the fireplace. Outside, the temperature plummeted and heavy snow fell. Wind whipped the flakes into blizzard conditions and piled drifts against doors and across roads. But not all Colorado storms involve snow. In May 2008, my family huddled in various school basements and

Football Friday – Perseverance

This week’s football lesson is in honor of those who overcome the obstacles. Who keep getting up when knocked down. Who persevere despite the problems. Football players have to be tough both mentally and physically. They are constantly shoved around or tackled to the ground. Forward progress is stopped by a strong defense. Or a mistake. Or a penalty. They continue to play no matter if they are outsized or outscored. Even the weather can

Football Friday – Weight Training

Are you ready for more lessons from football? Last Friday, we looked at the importance of taking time-outs during the action. Today, we’re going to look at the weight room. That place filled with clanging metal, loud supposedly-inspiring music, and sweating bodies. Where athletes grunt, groan, and strain to lift bars loaded with weights, and then do it again. And again. Why would any sane person put themselves through such torture? To grow stronger. To

Road Signs Part 2 – Road Closed Ahead

On Monday, we looked at road construction. But, what if you see this sign instead? Closed? What do you mean closed? I wanted to go further down this road. I can see my destination from here. What do you mean I can’t go forward? Disappointment. But the guy who gave me directions told me to go this way. My map shows this road. I don’t know how else to get there. Confusion. The voices from