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Shut Up and Listen

Shut Up and Listen

Do you know anyone who talks more than they listen? Someone who asks the same question over and over without ever hearing the answer? While these types of behaviors are somewhat understandable—and unfortunately common—coming from my special needs daughter, I had to shake my head the other day when listening to a call-in radio show. More like I wanted to scream at the caller to shut up and listen. The woman on the line had

You Asked For It

There are times I appreciate God’s sense of humor. After all, who else would let “You Asked For It” be king? I’m currently involved in a Beth Moore Bible Study on the life of David. Part of our lessons included background into how the Children of Israel asked the prophet Samuel for a king just like all the other nations had. God warned the people that having a king would result in things like a military draft and taxes.

Am I Listening?

Last week’s post on “knee-mail” got me thinking more about prayer and I realized I’d only covered half of the equation. Because conversation involves both sending and receiving messages. Talking and listening. Want a glimpse into my prayer life? I rant and complain about injustices I want God to fix. I beg and plead for my needs to be met. I cry about rejection and pain. I ask for wisdom to know what to do. I


Spotted on a church sign: “God answers knee-mail.” Another sign across town: “Faith is the postage stamp on our prayers.” Written communication methods have changed through the years. Long gone are the days of the Pony Express and drooping telegraph lines alongside train tracks. Letters and packages are now transported overnight using airplanes. Even faster? Virtually instant electronic communication via email and text messages.Verbal communication has also changed as telephone operators and party lines gave