Don’t Look Back

If I had to pick my favorite fiction genre to read, romantic suspense would be near the top of the list. Because I really enjoy the mixture of a good love story and a mystery to solve. This week’s fiction focus is on Don’t Look Back (Revell, 2010) by Lynette Eason. It’s book two in a series, but I didn’t feel like I had to have read the first book in order to understand this

Peace, Be Still

I’ve got a very large stack (well, stacks) of to-be-read books and my seven-year-old son picked out the next book for me to read. This week’s fiction focus is Peace, Be Still by Terry Fowler (Heartsong Presents, 2011). Katy Sinclair faces serious storms in life. Her little girl was kidnapped and she suspected her estranged husband was behind it — until he turned up dead. Following the inner compulsion to do her own investigating, she

The Pastor’s Wife

I’m a PK (pastor’s kid), so when a writing friend passed along a book she thought I’d like … and the book turned out to be The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer AlLee (Abingdon, 2010) … I assumed I knew what I’d find inside the covers. Yes, there were church council meetings with a few stern and judgmental types seated around the table. Not to mention references to a parade of casseroles and a parsonage furnished with

Dear Enemy

Have you ever had an enemy? Maybe not even someone out to get you personally, just someone on the other side of a conflict or situation. Someone you have learned to hate or at least dislike. When their behaviors line up with your expectations, well, at least some things in life make sense. It’s the good guys against the bad guys. Not that we like to admit it, enemies seem to be a part of

Patchwork Dreams

Imagine being an unwed mother in an Amish community in Missouri. Even though you confessed your sins and were forgiven, the rumors and lies have ruined your reputation along with any chances at close friendships and finding a good man to marry.  Such is the situation of Becky Troyer, in Patchwork Dreams by Laura V. Hilton (Whitaker House, 2011). Her heart longs to be loved, but she is afraid to step out of the shadows. What if she got

Stuck In The Middle

I’m addicted to books. There are piles three wide on the floor beside my bed. My iTouch e-reader apps are loaded with a virtual library. Should I mention that my library card also sees frequent use? I’ve been known to satisfy my addiction while waiting in the carpool line and while cooking supper. I’ve even stayed up much too late at night with the desire to read just one more chapter. Is it any wonder that I became a writer? With