Road Trip – Benefits

In looking back over our road trip memories, what makes this type of journey worthwhile? Especially when we could hop on a plane and reach our destination so much faster? When our family decided to go to Branson, Missouri last summer, we weighed our travel options. The main factor in our final decision was financial. We could buy five round trip plane tickets but then we’d still need to rent a car to get around

Road Trip – Entertainment

Another aspect of the road trip is entertainment. Not the kind where you stop to see a movie or visit a museum. No, I’m talking about what you do inside the vehicle to maintain peace and sanity. Playing music or singing songs. Reading a book aloud or listening to one on tape. The portable DVD player and a stack of movies. Make your own crossword if you need guaranteed entertainment while road tripping. The non-electronic

Road Trip – Pit Stops

If life is like a road trip, we’ve been taking a closer look at the journey. Over the past two weeks, we planned the destination, packed our stuff and hit the road. With the help of a map or GPS, we headed in the right direction and look forward to reaching the next landmark along the way. After resolving the backseat squabbles, we checked the mile markers to measure our progress and see if we’re

Road Trip – Are We There Yet?

Anyone who’s taken a road trip can relate – even if you didn’t have whining and/or fighting children in the back seat. In the middle of the journey, it feels never-ending. Endless stretches of road. Scenery that doesn’t change and looks the same as it did two hours ago. Has anything changed (aside from the cramp in my backside and legs)? Are we making progress? When my kids ask the inevitable (and dreaded) question “Are

Road Trip – Squabbles

Too much family togetherness in a confined space without opportunity to escape? One of the downsides to the road trip. Squabbles. Fights. Arguments. Tiffs. Complaints. Accusations of “she won’t share” or “he’s touching me” fill the air. Raw nerves and buttons pushed. Until finally Dad reaches his breaking point and yells “If I have to pull this car over on the side of the road, …” Now, before you blame it all on the kids,

Road Trip – Landmarks

So far on our hypothetical road trip, we’ve planned our destination and route, chosen what to pack (and what to leave behind) and taken a look at our map to know when we need to turn. Today, we’re turning our focus to landmarks. Those prominant and identifying features of the landscape that serve as guideposts or turning points in our journey. Those things we see on the horizon that grow closer with every mile. Often,

Road Trip – Navigating

With a destination in mind and the luggage packed, it’s time to hit the road. We back out of the driveway and turn right at the corner. Getting out of our immediate neighborhood is easy because we’ve gone this way before. The scenery is familiar and we’ve traveled these streets many times. To the grocery store. To church. To the doctor’s office. To school. However, the time comes to make another turn and merge onto

Road Trip – Packing

Now that we know the destination of our road trip, it’s time to pack our bags. But, before I toss anything into a suitcase or duffle, I need a little information. So I can plan accordingly and be prepared when I reach my destination. What will the weather be like? Snowy or sunny or rainy? What activities will I be doing while there? Swimming at the beach? Rock climbing? Skiing? Exercising? Five star restaurants or

Road Trip – Planning

We’re going to take a road trip. What’s that you say? Where are we going? How will we get there? I’m glad you asked, because we need to do a little planning before we put the key in the ignition and back out of the driveway. Last summer, our family took a trip to Branson, Missouri. That was our destination. Now, the route we took? That involved much debate and cross-referencing the GPS and Mapquest

Road Trip Lessons

Ever taken a road trip? Loaded up the car and headed off on a journey? This past summer, we loaded three very sleepy kids into a packed minivan and pulled out of our driveway at the extremely dark hour of 3:45 a.m. Destination? Branson, Missouri for a family vacation. Once there, we’d be staying in a two-bedroom condo at a resort with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a miniature golf course. Passes to Silver