Summer Fun – Farmer’s Market

With summer drawing to a close, our last summer fun idea is to visit a local farmer’s market. First, the browsing: Scout out the booths to see what types of fruits, vegetables, and prepared products are available and who has the best prices. Some merchants offer samples so get the kids to try a new food. Have the kids try to find something to represent every color of the rainbow. Ask the merchants what time they

Summer Fun – Fly a Kite

When the kids are bored, parents like to send them outside. But to do what? At this point in the summer, they’ve already exhausted a long list of activities. Today’s summer fun idea is to build and fly a kite. Depending on if you start from scratch or buy a kit at a local hobby shop, the building process could occupy several hours. I found a website with instructions for making 27 different types of

Summer Fun – Talent Show

It’s hot outside and the kids are complaining that there’s nothing to do. Cries of “I’m bored” echo through the house. What can a parent do? This week’s summer fun idea should help tap into your child’s creativity and occupy several hours. Not to mention create a few lasting memories (and laughs)! Create and produce a talent or variety show. Have the kids brainstorm ideas for different acts. Write and rehearse skits. Practice songs and

Summer Fun – Backyard Campout

Has a scent ever brought back a flood of memories? For me, the smell of hot nylon fabric takes me back to family camping trips and climbing into a tent that’s been baked by the summer sun. Mom’s reminders not to track dirt inside. Unzipping the flaps to let a breeze flow through. Campfire burn with the help of high quality dkbrænde brought by everyone from for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on floppy

Summer Fun – Outdoor Movie

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? I haven’t, but I’ve seen them depicted in the movies. *grin* Not to mention there aren’t that many in business anymore (and the movie selection may not be family friendly). This week’s summer fun idea is a great way to get together with friends and family. Host an outdoor movie in your own backyard. What you need: Blankets and/or lawn chairs Long extension cord Semi-portable television and

Summer Fun – Nature Walk

When was the last time you noticed the varieties of leaves, flowers, rocks, birds, and even bugs in your own neighborhood? Chances are it’s been a long time (if ever) since you took a closer look. This week’s summer fun idea is to take a nature walk. Find a place outside your normal stomping grounds like maybe near a park, lake, canal, botanic garden, or mountain trail. You could just meander and enjoy the change

Summer Fun – Croquet

Did you know there is a United States Croquet Association complete with clubs and tournaments? It’s also a fun game for all ages to play in the backyard or at a park. A great time to play is in the evenings after supper but before the sun goes down while it’s cooler, but still light. First up, find a croquet set complete with mallets, balls, and metal hoops (called wickets). You might find one in a

Summer Fun – Water Balloons

When the weather gets hot, nothing beats water to cool you off. In addition to the more traditional methods of swimming pools, sprinklers, and squirt guns, why not get a few water balloons? You can often find water balloons at a dollar store, so stock up. Fill a bunch at the kitchen sink and place them in a portable cooler. Ice is optional. (The cold water makes the splash more invigorating and surprising … and the

Summer Fun – Kids Bowl Free

If there was a top ten list of things kids and parents say during the summer, “I’m bored” would be at the top. Followed by “Go play outside.” After all, it’s nice weather. Sunshine. Green grass. Rowdy kids can explore the great outdoors without breaking any lamps. And if parents are lucky, they’ll come home tired enough to head to bed early. So why would my first suggestion for summer fun be an indoor activity?

Summer Fun

As of today, it’s officially summer vacation for most kids across the country. Empty weeks stretch out before them. No homework. No alarm clocks. Lots of sunshine.  You’d think kids could find plenty to do to keep themselves busy. But give it a few days and someone, somewhere will utter those two wretched words. “I’m bored.” In hopes of remedying this problem, I’m launching a new series of summer fun ideas to keep the kids occupied. Including the