Tools For The Journey – The Juggling Act

If I had to guess, I’d say that your life is a little bit like mine as you balance multiple responsibilities while trying not to neglect your health, family, or friends. There are times that the journey of life feels more like a juggling act! I recently did a guest blog at Seriously Write (posted December 10, 2013) on this very idea of juggling life and the pursuit of dreams. As we journey through life,

Tools For The Journey – Keep A Journal

The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory. ~ Mark Batterson I have a tendency to forget things if I don’t write them down … and that’s just the simple things like geting milk at the grocery store or needing to order a pair of basketball shoes for my son. As a result, I’m never far from a notebook (paper or virtual on my iPad) to capture those errant thoughts and reminders. But what about

Tools For The Journey – Keep Learning

I’ll be the first to admit that much of my day is spent doing passive and rote activities. Brush my teeth and apply make-up. Pack lunches. Drive the same route to take the kids to school. Check email. Fold laundry. Fix supper. Watch the news. But, according to research, passive and rote activities are bad for your brain while new and complicated activities are good. Why? Your brain reacts to novel and complex stimuli by

Tools For The Journey – Sleep More

I know the day has just begun, but I’m already planning ahead for an afternoon nap. Because, in the ten plus years since I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I’ve learned how to listen to my body and make rest a priority. In order to have physical stamina and strength for the journey, we’ve been looking at our need to move more, eat better, drink more water, … and get more sleep. As a

Tools For The Journey – Eat Better

Just like I wouldn’t leave on a road trip without filling up the gas tank, life’s journey also requires fuel. In order to find the necessary stamina and health for the journey, it’s important to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. So far, we’ve looked at drinking more water and moving more. This week’s practical post is all about eating better with the right kinds of food to stay healthy and fuel my body for

Tools For The Journey – Move More

We were made to move. Don’t believe me? Consider for a moment that there are around 650 skeletal muscles in the human body. Then, recall that the majority of human history consists of movement. Walking, running, hunting, gathering, plowing fields, hoeing gardens, milking cows, churning butter, kneading bread dough, and so on. Humanity performed physical work and ate natural foods. Along came the industrial revolution and technology with desk jobs and pre-packaged foods loaded with preservatives.

Tools For The Journey – Drink More Water

A few months ago, my youngest son and I took a scenic hike in the nearby Rocky Mountains. After plotting our three-mile course on a map, we stuffed a backpack with everything we might need for the trip including light jackets, snacks, and extra water. Life’s journey isn’t that much different. Twists and turns. Mountain peaks and valleys. Unexpected obstacles and breathtaking vistas. And it’s necessary to be prepared. Map out a path to your

Tools For The Journey – When To Say Yes

With a special needs daughter in my life, I get a lot of practice saying no, especially when she falls into Princess mode. “No, you are able to put your own shoes on.” “No, you can carry your own coat.” “No, you’re a junior in high school and should be able to …” She is quick to ask for help when she doesn’t need it … and completely silent when she should speak up. Lately,

Tools For the Journey – When To Say No

While the cell membrane (see Monday’s post) defines the boundaries of an individual cell, it also serves as a gatekeeper that only allows certain molecules in. Boundaries in our personal lives serve a similar purpose. We can all probably remember the advertising campaign to just say no to drugs. It’s always a good idea to say no to progressively destructive or addictive substances or behaviors like drugs, alcohol, pornography, erotic novels, soap operas, super-sized double