Vacations – Returning Home

Our summer of virtual vacations is coming to an end and it’s time to return home. If we’d really been gone, we’d now have a giant pile of laundry to wash. A stack of mail and newspapers to sort through. An email inbox filled to overflowing. A yard to mow and a garden to weed. Not to mention a full schedule of regular life and appointments to keep. Wait a minute. I’ve got all those

Vacations – Revisiting History

When compiling my list for this summer’s virtual vacation tour, I had two other types of locations in mind. Historic battlefields, landmarks, and colonial villages. And family reunions. (Granted, some family reunions have their own inherent battlefields, but let’s just assume we can all get along!)  We own a timeshare and have exchanged it the last five years for a week in Branson, Missouri. But, every year, I thumb through the resort directory to see where else

Vacations – Solitary Places

Ask some people where they would choose to go on vacation and you’d hear all about a fishing trip. Not exactly my first choice (or even the top ten) because I don’t like touching fish, smelling fish, cleaning fish, or eating fish. Baiting hooks with worms or salmon eggs isn’t exactly on my favorite list of things to do either! However, if you take fish and bait out of a fishing trip, what does that leave? Hours

Vacations – The Amusement Park

What do professional athletes say after winning the Super Bowl? I’m going to Disneyland! Well, not really. After all this is a virtual vacation blog tour. But this week we’re headed to the amusement park. What do places like Disney, Six Flags, Silver Dollar City, or the traveling rides camped out in the vacant lot have in common? Wild rides and funnel cake. Ferris wheels, bumper cars, roller coasters, and spin-until-you’re-sick mechanical contraptions. Popcorn, frozen

Vacations – Other Cultures

In our continuing summer of virtual vacations, this week we’re headed to another country (or at least another culture within our own borders.) If money, time, travel speeds, and political situations were not a factor … what parts of our world would you like to see? The lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon? The Inca ruins of Peru? The pyramids of Egypt? The Eiffel Tower in France? The Neuschwanstein castle in Germany? The Great Wall

Vacations – Mountains

This week we’re continuing our summer of virtual vacations by heading for the hills. I live close to the Rocky Mountains, so it’s not hard to imagine driving up winding canyon roads hemmed in by steep rock faces. As we gain altitude, we are surrounded by hillsides of evergreen trees sprinkled with the lighter green of aspen leaves. The pine-scented air may be light on oxygen, but it’s noticably missing the smog of city life. Jagged rocks contrast with delicate

Vacations – Beaches

Summer is the perfect time to get away from home and take a vacation. Especially if you have kids out of school and running around the house. On Mondays for the next couple of months, I’m going to take you on a virtual vacation to the kinds of locations on my dream list of getaways. Pack your bathing suit and sun hat, because the first stop is the beach. My dad was raised in southern

It’s Time For a Vacation

At 11:00 last Friday morning, my 14-year-old stepped off the school bus in front of our house. Her summer vacation is officially underway. (The boys and my teacher-husband aren’t free until the end of this week.) With over two months of freedom hanging tantilizingly before us, what are we going to do this summer? Rising to the top of our family’s list are athletic events. A basketball skills camp. Special Olympics state track meet. A church sports