How to Cool off when Life Heats up

How to Cool off when Life Heats up

Here in Colorado, we’re used to late-arriving springs. Or at least the reality that it truly could snow in May so no matter the temptation, you’d better hold off a bit on that garden.  Which also means, we’re not quite acclimated yet when summer hits and life heats up. So, this year as temperatures have hit the 90s multiple days in a row in the first week of June…we were already looking for shade to

Race Courses

Since we all have different races marked out for us, I thought we’d take a look today at the wide variety of races available. And see if there are any resemblances. First off, there are different modes of travel. On foot. In the water. On a bike (click here). On skis. On skates. In a car. On horseback. In a boat (either sailing or rowing). At different speeds. Slow and steady. Rabbit-like sprints. Pacing against

Weather Patterns – Sun

Weather affects our journeys. We may take shelter from the storm or venture warily into a fog. We may feel parched with drought or refreshed by the rain. The winds may threaten to blow us off our feet or tickle our faces with a gentle breeze. However, through all types of weather, the sun still shines. Even when we can’t see it. The sun beams energy to earth. Plants transform that light into energy while

Weather Patterns – Rain

In our continuing look at how weather affects the journey, today I’d like to take a closer look at rain. The moisture in the atmosphere that collects and falls to the earth in droplets. Some rain falls in torrential downpours. Sheets of water flood low-lying areas and transform streams into raging rivers. Other rain comes as a steady shower or dripping drizzle that gently soaks into the ground and bathes everything with moisture. This outpouring

Weather Patterns – Wind

With life’s journeys, we usually focus on the destination or the path that takes us there. Yet, another aspect to consider is the weather. Last week, we looked at storms, drought, and fog, and how they can affect the journey. This week, I’m continuing the weather report. Today’s topic is wind. Wind is simply moving air. It can move fast like a gale and destroy like a tornado. Or it can move gently like a

Weather Patterns – Fog

Another Colorado weather phenomenon is fog. When evaporated moisture lingering near the ground encounters the cold night air and condenses into a ground cloud. The cool mist hovers and bathes the land with moisture. (That’s a nice change from Wednesday’s drought!) But, the problem with fog is that I can’t see where I’m going. Landmarks are hidden from view and it’s difficult to find my direction. Especially when I can’t see more than a few

Weather Patterns – Drought

After the fury of storms dumping their moisture on the land, we rejoice when the weather changes. The sun comes out and the snow melts. The mud puddles dry up and paths become firm again. But, extended periods of dry weather can lead to drought. Once fertile soil becomes rock hard. Vegetation wilts from a lack of water. Reservoirs shrink and governments begin to limit water usage. Drought is defined as a long period with

Weather Patterns – Storms

Last week in Colorado, an October snowstorm closed school for two days because of treacherous road conditions. Activities were cancelled and families gathered to sled, eat soup, and play board games by the fireplace. Outside, the temperature plummeted and heavy snow fell. Wind whipped the flakes into blizzard conditions and piled drifts against doors and across roads. But not all Colorado storms involve snow. In May 2008, my family huddled in various school basements and