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It all starts with the book packed full of straight-forward explanations and over 100 practical tools. Most of the content came from past blog posts…but things change. So I’m in the process of updating and releasing a 2nd edition in 2024.

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We all need extra eyes on our writing to help identify the weaknesses, clarify our message, and weed out the typos. If you’re looking beyond critique partners and beta readers, I also do story analysis and content editing for fiction projects.

So you’ve used the checklist, read the book, and even browsed the recommended resources…but you still have questions? I’m available as a personal coach to help you develop a plan or navigate the next step.

Sometimes an online class is perfect for learning a new skill because you can replay the content over and over as needed. It’s like getting a personal coach or experienced teacher…at a fraction of the cost. ~ MORE COURSES COMING SOON