Sometimes online training courses are the perfect choice to learn a new skill because you can replay the content over and over as needed. Not to mention they’re like getting personal coaching from an experienced teacher at the fraction of the cost. (Or even for FREE!)

The following are some of my personal favorites. MORE COMING SOON

Every author should have an email list and I highly recommend using Mailerlite as a 3rd party provider. But how do you set up an account, collect email addresses, send pretty newsletters and create automation sequences? This FREE Mailerlite course from the founder of Kindlepreneur does it all. (Contains HIS affiliate link)

This FREE Self-Publishing Course from David Gaughran covers finding your reader and identifying your categories to building a platform and creating a launch plan to growing your business for the long haul. VERY practical tips from a down-to-earth guy. (I’d get on his email list too for more excellent information.)

When it comes time to advertise your book, Amazon should be at the top of your list. This FREE Amazon ads course from the founder of Kindlepreneur gives an excellent overview. (Note: He does recommend Publisher Rocket, a tool I also personally use, but you don’t have to buy it. Just know there’s a tiny sales pitch in this course.)