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What’s real? I did a lot of research into locations along the Cornwall coast, the history of smuggling in the area, titles in the peerage, marriage laws, and even cross-over events like the French and Indian War or earthquakes in London. Get my summary of that research as it affected the story. Mostly it explains WHY I had to set the story in 1750 and not later in time. 😉

Like other stories I’ve written, this one started out as a dreamed scene. Specifically the one where the heroine is in the kitchen getting food ready for a special dinner while chatting with the incognito hero and being interrupted by a spoiled sibling/relative. And like other stories, I had to figure out how that scene fit into a bigger story and who these people were!

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P.S. If you somehow ended up here without reading the book yet, you can get an ebook or paperback copy from your favorite retailer here.